TextLocal SMS Gateway



This App provides interface to textlocal SMS gateway. It interfaces with the Communicate Service. It handles the communication message intend to be sent to 'Mobile' numbers.

You need to configure this App before you can start using this. Configuring is a simple process. You just need to fill in the API Key that you can get from your textlocal account


With textlocal, you can either send

  • promotional message
  • transactional message

Promotional Messages - are the messages use to send promotions. They will be not be delivered to number that are in DND registry. It will be delivered to numbers in DND registry only from 9AM - 9PM

Transactional Messages - are message to convey information. They can be sent to any number 24/7. By default, when you register, your account can send only promotional messages. In order to change this behaviour, you need to submit certain documents like

You can contact the textlocal sales department sales@textlocal.in to learn more about this.

Once you setup a transactional account, you should be receiving a Sender id. You should set the sender details in the App to send a transactional message. You also need to create templates for sending transactional messages.
See the video demo to learn more about it.
So, whatever message that your apps are sending through textlocal, you should have the matching template created for the same in your textlocal account.