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Build an E-Commerce website just for your business without effort.

This app depends on the following apps.

  • Stocks

    The details related to the items that you wish to sell will all be maintained in this app.

  • Invoicer

    Invoicer is used to generate and maintain the sales invoices.

There is no input needed to be given to this app. This takes all the necessary information from the Stocks app. So if you have all the relevant details for an item in your Stocks app, and you install this app, an e-commerce website is ready for your business. It is that simple!

To enable this app to be your website's default app, you need to change a setting in Settings -> Apps -> Public Apps after you install it.


  • Filter items using the item's properties. Example, if you have defined a property Ingredients = Salt,Cloves,Milk for an item, it will be listed when the user searches for items with any of these ingredients.
  • Customer registration and account maintenance. Right now, customers can login just with their mobile number or email id. Password is not expected.
  • Customers can add items to their cart and it will be remembered even after they logout.
  • Use your own brand icon. By default, Aalam logo will be used as the brand icon. You can change it to use your icon.
  • You can choose certain types of items that you wish to not sell, so that it will not show up in your customers search results.
  • Your customers can add/edit/delete their shipment addresses.
  • Your customers can update their Order whenever they make a payment or wish to return certain items or even cancel the order.
  • You can choose to accept or reject an order, enter shipment details and much more
  • Your customers can pay through the payment gateway and you receive the money directly to your bank
  • You have your own view of customer orders which you search using multiple filters
  • Your customer can view the list of their past orders.

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