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When you are selling through various ecommerce operators, maintaining your order logs and settlements details becomes handy with these apps.

Inventory tracking

For every order, that is fulfilled by you, or through warehouses, the inventory is tracked appropriately. With a single click of a button you can get to know the stock count of your product not just in your place but across multiple warehouses.

Order Tracking

When your orders are across various operators, with each having their own charges, you can get to see all those orders in a single view. Not just the orders, details including the fees and other charges along with the sale and returns for each of them.

Settlement Tracking

You don't need to be confused of the settlement reports. You get to see a neat view of the income and expense in detail for a settlement period. In a single view, you can track settlements from various operators.

GST Reports

In India, online sellers selling through 3rd party operators, should have to report

  • which state
  • at what tax slab
  • how much taxable value sold/returned
  • and through which operator
you have done transaction for every month.

If you have installed the GST-India app, this reporting is completely automated. You can download the GSTR1 report in .json format and you can upload this directly to the GST portal, to complete you GST filing.

Note:GST-India app depends on the Invoicer app. You can use the Invoicer app for invoicing in your shop. These invoices will also be accounted for in the GSTR1 reports.